Welcome to the 3rd Annual

Noah Graham Foundation 4 Miler!

Thank you to everyone who has participated.
We have donated $7,500 to KinderMourn to date!

A note from Noah's Mother

"We lost our son, Noah, at 38 weeks pregnant. I gave birth in March 2015. Around May I decided I wanted to start running (never ran before). Once I got the go ahead from my doctor I started running and have completed numerous 5ks and 4 mile races. The running helped emotionally with the loss of our son for me. It was my own time to just step away from the world and focus on me. When I run, the only thing that goes on in my head is the song that is currently playing on my phone. Running has been extremely therapeutic for me.

As holidays approached missing our Noah was ever more intense. We turned to KinderMourn for counseling services. We joined a group with two other families that had also lost their child/children. It was amazing to know that a place like KinderMourn exists. KinderMourn is a wonderful organization that helps families like ours with the loss of their child. They help families that lose a child at any age range and they also help children who have lost family members or friends and how to cope with that loss."

-Sabrina Williams

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